What is GrowthCurve?

GrowthCurve is a mixed media content series (editorial content and podcast for each episode) focused on highlighting the breakthroughs and challenges of Philadelphia entrepreneurs. Each episode features an interview with a different entrepreneur, digging deep into their story throughout the conversation.

How Did GrowthCurve Come About?

Our business, Brolik, has been working with Philadelphia businesses and entrepreneurs for 15 years, growing from three fresh-faced college grads in a small office over Tim’s Towing in Manayunk to the 13 person Center City digital agency that we are today.

We love Philly and its resilient ecosystem of driven entrepreneurs, and we feel that it is overlooked by the national “startup” community. Having many years of experience working directly with 100+ entrepreneurs and seeing the ups and down of their journeys, we realized that we’re in a unique position to help tell their stories.

We’re fascinated by the difficult decisions and transformational moments that are hidden in the real stories of starting and growing a business. Not the polished, PR stories of the Silicon Valley elite, but the gritty, sometimes brutal stories of what it really takes to run a business. We realized that while one founder is experiencing a difficult bump in the road, there are many others who appreciate knowing they aren’t alone in the journey and can learn from another founder’s experience.

It’s this idea of sharing the entrepreneurial journey and creating a supportive community that inspired the creation of GrowthCurve.

Who hosts GrowthCurve?

GrowthCurve is hosted by Jason Brewer. As CEO of Brolik, Jason has spent 15 years of his career working directly with business owners, helping them navigate through growth phases and difficult challenges. Jason is an experienced business advisor and passionate storyteller, and brings these talents together in each episode of GrowthCurve.

What is Brolik?

Brolik is a digital marketing agency based in Center City Philadelphia. Leveraging our strategic approach and integrated digital marketing capabilities, Brolik guides transformation focused entrepreneurs and business leaders through a methodical and adaptable approach to growth.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you’re a startup founder with an interesting story to tell and want to be a part of GrowthCurve visit our contact page and let us know! We love to meet driven and passionate entrepreneurs.